Where do you meet and what time are your services?

Two great questions... read on... 

Most church plants begin with a Sunday centric model. It is a very intentional work to gather a group of people in that particular region and create a Sunday morning environment where you can invite your friends, family, and neighbors. The Sunday morning gathering was the goal. This is one way of expressing and establishing a church.

One of the most asked questions about a new church plant is... "where are you meeting and what time are your services." Honestly, that's a logical and appropriate question. However, it is not the question we are attempting to address. Our South Knoxville church plant will center around identifying, forming, and training micro-churches / missionaries in the places where they live, work, and play.  

We believe it is critically important for anyone who investigates this new work to understand that Commonwealth will not begin as Sunday centric model. ( A large group, Sunday gathering in a larger space will be determined as micro-churches / missionaries multiply in size and number.)
In learning about the people and culture of South Knoxville, we see a need for a different model. This new model, the values, and expression will be influenced by the needs of the community we serve. We understand that the work we are setting out to create is not for everyone, and that's ok. We believe this equipping model gives us the best opportunity to engage the "dones" with traditional church, the Millennials and the up and coming Gen Z generation.”

Are you interested in learning more or potentially being involved with the work of Commonwealth? We would love to hear your story and help you discern your next step. Your first step is to email us at info@commonwealthknox.org