"As the Father has sent me, so I am sending you." - Jesus

We believe learning to live on mission happens through self- discovery,
the guidance of the Spirit, and the collective
wisdom of community.

All Family Gathering

Every other Sunday we gather together as a community of missionaries and microchurches to worship, study Jesus, reconnect, tell stories and celebrate God's goodness amidst our shortcomings. This happens at 4pm(ish) and is followed by a shared meal together. Childcare is available during this time and in September of 2022 we will be launching Commonwealth Kids ministry for K-5. Interested in potentially joining us sometime? Shoot us an email at info@commonwealthknox.org.

Calling Lab

We believe learning to live on mission happens through self- discovery, the guidance of the Spirit, and being grounded in the collective wisdom of community. The Calling Lab is an experience offered to intentionally explore how God has uniquely wired, gifted, and prepared you to join Him in His unfolding Kingdom work in our city and world. 

Missionary Formation Residency

The residency, in partnership with Forge America, is a six-month journey with a small group from our community. It is created to equip ordinary followers of Jesus to live and pioneer as missionaries in the places they live, work, and play. The residency includes meeting together every other week as a cohort, an online curriculum of video and reading material, and face to face training time with missional thought leaders from around the globe. Interested in learning more? Your first step is to email us at info@commonwealthknox.org


In the summer of 2019, we launched our first micro-church in the Colonial Village neighborhood of South Knoxville. A microchurch is a committed group of Jesus followers, roughly the size of an extended family, empowered by the Spirit, to participate in God’s mission of redemption in a particular neighborhood and/or network of relationships. Over the past three years we have started additional microchurches in other areas of Knoxville. As our community grows and as the Spirit leads, our dream is to see micro-churches planted throughout our city.